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This or That : A Little Get-To-Know-Us Game!

Hi all, Christina here! I hope you’ve had a fabulous week so far and are looking forward to the weekend (Prosecco, anyone?) I am writing to you from beautiful London, England where I’ve moved for the year to travel and work as an au pair! Nicole has graciously kept me onboard as Social Media Assistant for Studio 11– a role I am really grateful for and thoroughly enjoying.

This week for the blog, we decided to play a game of 'This or That'. In the game, two options are presented. The players must select which of the two options they prefer– no go backs! We thought it would be a fun way to share a little bit about us.

Here's a pic of us this past summer at the Downtown Street Sale.

Okay, here we go!

Jeans or leggings

Nicole: Jeans

Christina: Leggings

Summer or Winter

Nicole: Summer

Christina: Summer

Spring or Fall?

Nicole: Fall

Christina: Fall

Hair up or down

Nicole: Down

Christina: Up

Makeup or bare face

Nicole: Make up

Christina: Make up

Denim or leather jacket

Nicole: Denim jacket

Christina: Leather jacket

Dress or jumpsuit

Nicole: Dress

Christina: Jumpsuit

Skirt suit or pant suit

Nicole: Pant suit

Christina: Pant suit

Hoodie or crewneck

Nicole: Crewneck

Christina: Hoodie

Long or short jacket

Nicole: Long

Christina: Long

Cropped tee or a full length tee

Nicole: Full length

Christina: Full length

V-neck or scoop neck

Nicole: V-neck

Christina V-neck

Plain or print

Nicole: Print

Christina: Print

Black or white

Nicole: Black

Christina: Black

Overstated or understated

Nicole: Overstated

Christina: Overstated

Working from home or working from home

Nicole: In-store!

Christina: In-store! (I miss you all!)

What are some of your picks? Did any of our responses surprise you? Let us know! Maybe play a round with your fellow fashionistas.

Have a great weekend.



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