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7 easy ways to look (+ feel) effortlessly chic

Good morning, dear readers. Happy Friday. It is mid-morning here and I am sat with a latte writing to you from a local coffee shop just north of London (England, not Ontario haha). Living abroad has been amazing so far and I am grateful to still be connected to home through Studio 11 in beautiful Downtown Orillia.

This week, I’ve been reflecting a lot about how fashion functions in our lives, particularly as a woman. Prepare yourselves: this is a longer post (but a good one, if I do say so myself!)

Let’s face it: navigating the fashion world can be a real faff. (For those of you who don’t yet know, a ‘faff’ is English slang for a ‘pain’ basically.)

With ever-changing trends, the pressures of society, fast-fashion running rampant, and personal taste all in the mix, it can be really hard to dress ourselves comfortably and confidently.

My proposed solution?


/ˈef.ɚt.ləs.nəs/ (adj). the quality of seeming not to need any effort.

By embracing effortlessness, we can elevate our style, feel confident, and get ready more efficiently (especially on busy mornings!) Effortlessness has a lot to do with what we do and how we feel rather than what we own. With effortlessness, you’ll look and feel… well… effortless!

Hear me out: effortlessness takes a bit of practice. But once you get the hang of it, things won’t just seem to not need any effort, they really will come with ease!

We’ve scoured the web (thanks, Vogue Magazine!) and dug up some of the most timeless tricks we notice being used time and time again by people who really present themselves with the kind of ease we are talking about.

Know what works for you

Understanding your style will make effortlessness shine through in your fashion choices because you will look confident. What do you gravitate towards? What are you wearing when you feel amazing? Lean into your intuition and the rest will come easily. Hate crewnecks? Opt for a hootie or knit! V-necks are trending but you prefer a scoop? Stick to what you love!

Rock your classics and basics

Yes, we are talking a white tee shirt and a good pair of jeans. But we also mean supportive undergarments and a go-to dress. Having staple pieces in your wardrobe will make getting ready easier and will enable you to focus more on elevating your look with things like personal style, jewlery, makeup, and so on. Staples also make mixing and matching easy, which means you get more wear out of your wardrobe! The classics never go out of style, either.

Pare down your closet

Stains, tears, and ill-fitting clothes are not your friend. Donate them or recycle the fabric (Value Village does recycling, too!) We are going for effortless, not no-effort. You’ve got this.

Invest in key pieces

You spend half of your life in your shoes and yet we sometimes skimp on them. Same goes for a handbag. Be prepared to spend more on items that you use everyday– and make sure they are versatile enough to be worn with a number of different outfits… both morning and night!

Layer up

Layers can add some interest to a staple outfit you already love. Lately, for example, I’m really into layering a turtleneck underneath a hoodie or crewneck sweatshirt. Mix up your favourite looks with layers– including sweaters under dresses, big coats, scarves, and socks over tights.

Wear your favourite jewelry

If you invest in good quality jewelry (sterling silver or gold plated) you can be sure it will look good and last! Even when I’m wearing a tracksuit, I always wear a few rings, a necklace, earrings, my watch, and a bracelet. These, for me, are my staples. Choose your own and you’ll feel elevated and chic.

Take care of your clothes

By following the washing instructions on the tags of your garments, hanging up your items (instead of having them crumpled up on the “clothes chair”), and ensuring shoes and bags don’t gather dust, you’ll prolong the life of your favourite pieces and ensure you’re always looking put together.

A note on makeup

Most days, I just leave the house with my brows done and a bit of gloss on my lips (yes, despite my acne scars and freckles!) Remember, we are going for effortless, so things are supposed to look and feel simple. A full face of makeup won’t achieve the same effect. Clean skin with a touch of makeup will save time and money, too.

Lips and brows are big right now, literally and figuratively. They both frame your face and can really make your look shine.

For brows, emphasize your natural shape with a few extra brushstrokes near the front middle and tail of each brow. I recommend NYX ‘Lift and Snatch’ Brow Pen in your desired shade. Use a light hand and it should do the trick! Another, more long-lasting route is to have your brows microbladed. I had this permanent procedure done and can’t say enough about it! I love how they look and how much time I save.

For lips, I recommend trying a plumping lipgloss or overlining with a liner. ColourPop Cosmetics has some really great long-wearing lip products that don’t break the bank; I’ve been using their liquid lipsticks for years and always get compliments!

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, it’s up to you how you choose to navigate the fashion world! Take what resonates with you from this week’s post and give it a shot. Ignore the rest. I do the same: right now, low-rise jeans are trending. I hate this (LOL) so I continue wearing my high-waisted jeans with confidence. Eventually, subtle brows and smaller lips will surely be back in style. If that’s your preference, rock it! You look your best when you feel good.

That’s it for now! Let us know how you embrace effortlessness or what you’ll try from this week’s post.



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